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A personalised video channel is an essential look for any store environment. Inform your customers with a variety of innovations such as product slides, digital posters, music videos, news and more.

We’ll work with your store design, marketing personnel or you to create optimum screen location layouts for your store or each of your store formats, from shop front window enticement and welcome screens to department/zone screens to large format video walls or smaller checkout screens to inform and entertain browsing and queuing customers.

Visual Content

Out Visual designers can create stunning graphics in still, animated or full motion video or you can supply your own in-house or agency created content.

Examples of other types of content we can display are demonstration content, dynamic menus, news - as a 'ticker tape' or full screen , weather national or regionalised, or other external context such as website RSS feeds, pass through video or TV content (sports, national events) etc.

Visual Content Examples
Still Visual Graphics
Animated Video
News and Weather
HD Demonstration content